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Another Year, Another ... Drop in the DOW?

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We closed out 2009 with a nice trip up to Orem to see family. Ander and Susie were up from Texas for James' wedding. We stayed with them at James' house while he was on his honeymoon.

It was nice to see everyone but, we definitely remembered why we moved south.  White Christmases are COLD!

The Lincoln started acting up the week before we were scheduled to leave.  Adding that potential repair bill to the known need for new tires before going up to snow, we decided that it was probably time to put it out of our misery.  We went out car shopping just to see what options were available to us.  Once again, the first car we looked at turned out to be the best choice.  Now we own a '98 Ford Expedition.   We got a great price.  Not that I'm any good at negotiating.  I just honestly have no money and he must have been desperate for a year end sale.

On the plus side, all six of us fit in one car for the ride.  We would have needed two cars with the Lincoln and the Ford used less gas than the Lincoln would have for the trip.

Jingle Bells Jingle Bells

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I been called a musical snob more than once. What can I say? I'm a child of the 80's and still feel like the New Wave from Brittan awoke a sleepy music scene. As I grow older, I enjoy a wider and wider variety of music. That variety is most evident in my Christmas Selections.

I have the classic version of "Blue Christmas" from Elvis, as well as Collective Soul and a comedian singing in the style of Porky Pig. I have traditional carols sung by The Andrews Sisters and the extremely bizarre "One Christmas Catalogue" by Captain Sensible, all mixed on one CD.

Christmas has always been a time to come together. It's the one time of year when people focus the least on their differences. What other explanation can you give for Bing Crosby to sing a duet with David Bowie?

I pray that we all will do better at understanding what unites us this season and throughout the coming years.

Mele Kalikimaka!

Happy Anniversary

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Earlier this year, Michael Franti hit the charts with his song, "Say Hey". The song tells a tale of love at first sight and dancing with his new love. It is impossible for me to hear the song without recalling the night I met Crystal.

It was June 1991 when I attended a dance at the Orem Institute of Religion. Crystal seemed to be haunting me as she appeared everywhere I turned. After I mustered the courage to ask her for a dance, I instantly knew there was something special about her. She joined me for church the next day and we had our first date two days later. We were inseparable from that point on and married Nov 27th of that same year.

Eighteen years and three daughters later, I am thankful for that fateful night.

Thanksgiving is Coming

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Today I find myself thinking about the upcoming holidays.  Thanksgiving has traditionally been my favorite holiday of the year.  Crystal thinks it has to do with all the food I get to eat while she does all the work.  Truth is... I like Thanksgiving because the family gathers together without all the drama and expense of exchanging gifts.

I must admit, however, that a portion of my love for Thanksgiving is an apparently false sense of the autumn season.  Autumn is romanticized in my mind as mild weather with great colors.  Somehow I forget that every year it's wet and cold.

My memory has faded on all the Thanksgivings of my youth.  I presume that Southern California had better weather than Northern Utah.  Perhaps the cold just didn't bother me as much back then.  The only memory I have of the classic Autumn scene, playing in the leaves, dates all the way back to Louisville.  Back then, we lived closer to extended family as well.  Perhaps it's that 6 year old boy's recollections, admittedly warped by time, for which I yearn today.

Until I can figure it out, please pass the gravy.

Geneology, I am doing it...

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is in the process of rolling out a new and improved FamilySearch (http://new.familysearch.org) It's been very interesting to look through all the data the Church has collected.  I think it will be great to have a single system we can all work on instead of needing to transfer GedCom files back and forth.

The main thing that I have noticed is how much data has been duplicated over the years.  While it would be great to extend the length and breadth of my family tree, I can see that the foreseeable future will consist of lots and lots of merges.

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